Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot Flashes

Whew! They ain’t no joke
No joke coping, livin with Hot flashes
Hot flashes invaded my body when I wasn’t watchin
Watchin now, feelin my body
My body’s hormones at war with myself
Myself and my hormones raging war
Raging war, when and as they please
When and as they please, they don’t bother to consult me, PLEASE
PLEASE, tell me why do things, people at war, rioting, looting, burning
Please tell me why they tear up their own neighborhoods war, rioting, looting, burning
Burning up everywhere, even­ at the grocery store
At the grocery store waiting in the line with a slow moving clerk
Clerk taking her good ole time
Time moves so darn slow when my hormones are raging against me
Rage against me, burning up like God custom made a huge hair dryer just for me
Hair dryer just for me cover my whole body
Whole body hot, sweatin in line, all the time of all lines, in the grocery line
In the grocery line tearing open my coat, hair gettin bigger and bigger, bushy and big, frantically scanning
Frantically scanning my things, my groceries for a fan
A fan, any fan will do—grocery list too small
Small of my back, all down my back quickly becoming Niagra Falls
Niagra Falls, if only I could dip in the Falls in the grocery store, in January
January O, grabbin O from the mag rack, O might due
O Might due as a makeshift fan til I can get outta this oven
This oven that is my body
My body can’t escape my raging self, but O Oprah
O Oprah probably got hot flashes too, but she got other means
There’s got to be other means of escaping this raging lady
Raging lady, she ain’t no joke—had no idea she was so cantankerous and moody, a thorn, it seems
It seems, she visits me anytime she pleases
She pleases when I’m driving
Driving in January with windows down hysterically trying to cool off
Off I must seem, but she visits when she pleases, see
See, she pleases when I wanna sleep at 2 am
At 2am thinking I wanna stay warm in January
Warm in January don’t mean hot as hell
Hot as hell under those covers
Covers off, kicking, kicking covers off
Off and on, off and on, On and off, On and off
Off in a world of my own because nobody knows but me what a nuisance she can be
She can be a… be a hot mess
Hot mess like somebody’s grandma forced to play peek-a-boo for hours with a four-year old child
Child, them hot flashes ain’t no joke; they’re for real
For real I thought the sisters were exaggeratin, blowin things outta proportion
Proportion, what’s that, girl
Girl, them hot flashes ain’t no joke
Ain’t no joke carrying around this oven that is my body, sista, Whew! gotta find some herbs
herbs like black cohosh, but in the meantime Whew!
Whew! Girl, Gimme a fan!

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A vivid expression of energy that is personal, global, and cosmic.