Friday, August 7, 2015

Sandra Bland: Gender, Race and the Politics of "Sass" -- Feminist Studies in Religion (FSR) blog post

Here is an excerpt from my blog post on the Feminist Studies in Religion (FSR) blog.  You can read the full post at: 

"Sandra, the twenty-eight year old black woman who was subjected to a violent encounter with a Texas trooper and later died while in custody, was criticized and demonized by some for having the nerve to ask questions and to talk back to or to “sass” (as the old folks called it). Ironically, Sandra understood that her “purpose” was to return to “Texas and stop all the injustices against blacks.” She should be remembered, her mother stated, as an “activist, sassy, smart, and she knew her rights.” Unfortunately, sassy and smart black women are not a cherished or celebrated breed when racism and sexism interconnect and prevail."

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